First post

Well, like I said, I’ve decided to start a blog about my journey through’s 52 week challenge. Anything from her blog will be credited and written in bold. On orgjunkie’s blog, she asks a set of questions at the end of each week. I will also be answering those questions at the end of each week (since its Thursday, this week will continue onto next week. The questions will be answered next Saturday).

I started by printing out the chart to make the list. while making it i realized that i most likely would not be doing the list in order. here’s a picture of my list so far.


Credit to

The first thing on my list is to vacuum 1x a week. that’s easy. So I’m skipping to number 16: “go through boxes in mudroom”. We moved into our apartment in the beginning of march, 2012. We STILL have boxes piled up in our mudroom just waiting to be “consolidated & purged“. Image

As you can imagine, it’s very stressful to walk into a house and that’s the first thing you see. The best part? The dryer came included with the apartment (no washer go figure!) and it doesn’t even work!! But anyways, I’ve decided to make a list to break down this room.

  • go through each box (spend about 15 minutes on each box at least once a day).
  • move dryer back against the wall or get rid of it.
  • clean off the dryer
  • organize the boxes
  • organize shoes
  • sweep 3x a wk and mop 1x a wk

Today, I went through two boxes. I was about to organize those two until I found out my husband’s cousin was stopping by for a visit and I had to rush to put everything away and clean up the mess. Of course!

Well, I think this first post went very well! I will be posting pictures of my progress as I go along. Good night!


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